The Way We Work

Project management

As a reliable and quality-oriented partner, LinguaPoint performs active relationship management and pro-active project management. We will assign the best-suited project manager to handle your project, who will be your sole contact person from requirements analysis to project completion. The designated project manager will bear sole responsibility for the coordination and planning of resources, as well as the planning of budget and time schedule.

Project analysis and planning

We now set out to accurately determine the scope of the project by performing an in-depth analysis of your product and project material. The aim is to determine the most efficient and effective method and means to localize your product. We set a realistic project schedule and decide on the most suitable milestones. Research is also carried out to decide on the use of project-specific tools.

Kick-off meeting

If required, the actual project begin will be preceded by a kick-off meeting, in which the client and LinguaPoint will further discuss project schedule and established milestones. Any additional requirements or changes to the project schedules are discussed. A preferred means of communication and the desired frequency of project reports and progress updates may also be determined.

Project preparation

Once all project-related material has been thoroughly analyzed, we begin with the production of so-called localiztion kits, which are to be distributed to our translators. The kits include the translatable files, clear and unambiguous translation instructions, glossaries and style guides, which have been designed specifically for your project. The kits provide the translators with all project-relevant material.

Project execution

The actual localization of your product now comes into phase. This includes translation of all files, as well as technical and cultural adaptation. In some cases, full localization may require certain texts being rewritten in order to achieve the desired result in the target languages. Close attention is also paid to the adaptation of design, colour scheme, graphics and icons, should this be necessary. A product that has been successfully localized must give users the feeling that it was developed and produced in their own country. That is the acid test for any localized product.

Quality Assurance

Each project is subject to strict guidelines within well-defined quality assurance procedures. A well conceived system of constant checks ensures that your translated product is of a consistently high quality. The QA stage includes comprehensive linguistic and style checks and functional testing. This is where our team's technical software knowledge is valued most. A product not only has to be localized, but also has to work. Furthermore, we make sure that your product is fully compliant with the target culture.

Evaluation meeting

Upon completion of your project, we carry out a thorough analysis in order to highlight which elements were a success and where something may have gone wrong. We appreciate your honesty in pointing out to us, which areas met with your approval and where you see room for improvement. This evaluation meeting enables us to carry on improving our localization process - for your benefit.