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People make projects come alive

In an industry in which change is often proclaimed to be the only constant, we pride ourselves on providing our employees with as much room for personal development as possible. Thus staff members are warmly encouraged to pursue any special interest they may have with a view to their personal development.

Although the internal training programs that we offer to new staff members are extensive and range widely in scope, staff members are also encouraged to go on training courses and develop additional skills. As an employer, we feel it is our duty to foster and hone the talent of our team. After all, our people are our greatest asset. They are what makes a project come alive.

Life-long learning

In working with such a diverse and extensive client base, our staff members are among the first to hear and learn about groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Furthermore, employees get to work with innumerable CAT, DTP and Web design tools on an almost daily basis, making their work essentially hands-on. Life-long learning is very much a thing of the present, and there is no better place to learn than LinguaPoint.

Our manageable company size and flat hierarchy makes for a pleasant working environment and company culture. Yet another reason why potential recruits choose to work for us.

Each staff member contributes with enthusiasm and personal commitment to attaining product perfection and customer satisfaction.

Application and next steps

If you are passionate about the language industry and would like to join our in-house team or our team of free-lance employees, then please send your application to petra_dalmus(at)

Next steps:

  • In order to be able to better judge your qualification, you will receive a test translation with a sample of the texts we usually translate.

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