Why choose LinguaPoint?

10 good reasons to work with us:

Excellent expertise and industry knowledge

Both the managing partners and our in-house language team are trained and qualified translators with many years of professional experience and specialist knowledge of the localization industry.

Quality Assurance of the highest standard

We work constantly to improve our processes and our effectiveness in order to achieve the best results. We are rewarded for the high standards we demand of ourselves and our staff by a growing number of satisfied customers.

Native speakers exclusively

LinguaPoint uses only technically qualified professionals translating into their mother tongue.

Maximum personal attention

A project manager assigned at the beginning of the project will remain your personal and sole contact throughout the entire project, paying scrupulous attention to budget and time frame.

Maximum responsiveness to your needs

With our expert knowledge of your projects, our project manager can react quickly and flexibly to potential changes you may require, thereby ensuring that all your needs are met.

On time, every time!

We understand the consequences that delays can have on our clients' market share and bottom line. That's why we remain dedicated to a fast turnaround for our clients. Our motto: "On time, every time".

First-rate project management

Excellent project management is the secret of localization success. As a reliable and quality-oriented partner, we react quickly and flexibly in order to assure the success of your project.

Fair and open relations

Fair and open relations as well as mutual respect characterize our working routine both within and outside our company.


Our key areas of competence cover a wide range of other services, such as memory revision and alignment, compiling and testing, screenshot generation and graphics editing. LinguaPoint - your single source point for comprehensive services.

Benefit of proven tools

All current computer-aided translation tools, word processing, and QA applications are available. We make sure that our customers get the full benefit of leading-edge technology.